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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked by members, registrants and general public.

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What if I forgot my password, or need to reset it?
When I clicked "login" it took me to the login screen, but there are no boxes to enter my email and password. What do I do?
How do I login to the SA国际传媒e-Learning Center?
How can I find a physician practicing addiction medicine?
How can I find out if my doctor is Board Certified in addiction medicine?
How do I become a certified addiction specialist?
Are there any limitations on the number of patients with OUD that a practitionermay treat with buprenorphine after the passage of the ConsolidatedAppropriations Act of 2023 (CAA)?
What percent of my dues goes to lobbying?
How can I search for physician positions on ASAM's Career Center?
Does SA国际传媒offer medical malpractice insurance?
Can you please provide some insight into how SBIRT and SA国际传媒0.5 are congruent?
What is ASAM's LOC (Levels of Care) Program?
Do I qualify to become a Distinguished Fellow of SA国际传媒(DFASAM)?
What is ASAM鈥檚 Policy on the use and maintenance of the DFSA国际传媒designation?
Where can I find information on ASAM's definition of addiction?
I cannot move forward in my SA国际传媒course. How do I fix it?
Videos or modules will not work for me while taking an SA国际传媒course. How do I fix it?
What courses does SA国际传媒recommend taking to meet the DEA requirements for 8hours of education on Substance Use Disorders (SUD)?

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