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Copyright and Permissions


Copyright and Permissions

SA国际传媒uses permissions agreements to authorize the use of ASAM鈥檚 intellectual property.


The SA国际传媒Criteria® is the nation’s most respected, comprehensive, and widely used set of clinical standards for matching patients to the right level of care based on the severity of their disease and their multidimensional needs. The common language and universal standards set by The SA国际传媒Criteria establish a framework to help payors and healthcare systems ensure they are offering the full continuum of care to meet patients’ needs.

However, when The SA国际传媒Criteria is not fully implemented or used with fidelity, it can undermine patient care and compromise recovery. SA国际传媒has a responsibility – to providers, payors, regulators, patients and their families – to ensure The SA国际传媒Criteria continues to be equated with high-quality care proven to be effective in addiction treatment.

The following framework will be used to grant permissions for the use of ASAM’s intellectual property with disclaimers that help avoid confusion among patients, families, providers or payors. This process is part of a larger effort by SA国际传媒to support the implementation of The SA国际传媒Criteria standards across the addiction treatment system. 

When Permissions are Required

permission use

SA国际传媒uses permissions agreements to authorize the use of ASAM’s intellectual property. Permissions fall into four broad categories:

  • Training vendors who provide training for implementing The SA国际传媒Criteria
  • Payers and managed care providers using The SA国际传媒Criteria in utilization management and review
  • Publishers republishing content from The SA国际传媒Criteria
  • Technology vendors integrating SA国际传媒Criteria content into technology

For more information on these permission agreements, see our Permissions page.

Permission is required for:

Permission is not required to use The SA国际传媒Criteria book in clinical decision-making if the user is not publishing or marketing their use.

Permission is not required for states or policymakers to use The SA国际传媒Criteria in their laws or regulations.

SA国际传媒Criteria, Fourth Edition Royalty Free Figures

The following figures from the Fourth Edition of The SA国际传媒Criteria may be republished free of charge as long as they are properly cited and :

  • Figure 1.2: Core Components of The SA国际传媒Criteria
  • Figure 1.6: Changes to The SA国际传媒Criteria Dimensions in the Fourth Edition
  • The SA国际传媒Criteria Fourth Edition Dimensions
  • Figure 1.7: The SA国际传媒Criteria Dimensions and Subdimensions
  • Figure 1.8: The SA国际传媒Criteria Continuum of Care for Adult Addiction Treatment
  • Figure 1.9: The SA国际传媒Criteria Dimensional Drivers
  • Figure 3.1: A Patient’s Journey Through The SA国际传媒Criteria Continuum of Care
  • Figure 15.3: Residential Treatment and Recovery Residence Continuum of Care

A licensing agreement is required for publishers and authors to re-publish any other content from The SA国际传媒Criteria.

To download open permission figures, accept  and provide some contact information. A zip file of the figures will be emailed to you.

Fair use

How to Seek Permission for use of The SA国际传媒Criteria

If you are interested in seeking permission for using The SA国际传媒Criteria, fill out the request form. The request form will ask for your intended use. Review our permissions page for more information on permission types.  

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