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SA国际传媒strongly believes in the value of information sharing to advance addiction treatment, education, and research. As part of our mission, SA国际传媒publishes many different types of materials that are protected by copyright. In order to protect the intellectual property of SA国际传媒and other contributors, the following framework is used for granting permissions for proprietary works (both electronic and print publications). 

Unless otherwise indicated, all SA国际传媒content published on this website, in its books, in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, or in other ASAM-published material is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in whole or in part by persons, organizations, or corporations other than SA国际传媒and its affiliates without written permission. You may request permission from SA国际传媒to reuse copyrighted materials as detailed below. 

What is permission required for?

The SA国际传媒Criteria


The SA国际传媒Criteria® 

The most widely used and comprehensive set of guidelines for placement, continued stay and transfer/discharge of patients with addiction and co-occurring conditions.

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SA国际传媒Criteria Implementation Guide  

The SA国际传媒Criteria Implementation Guide helps programs improve quality of care in manageable increments aligned with each program’s unique goals and challenges. Addresses the need of treatment programs and systems of care to have a practical tool to help implement the standards found in The SA国际传媒Criteria®鈥.&苍产蝉辫;


The SA国际传媒Essentials of Addiction Medicine

The comprehensive 6th edition of the SA国际传媒flagship textbook reviews the science and art behind addiction medicine.

The SA国际传媒Principles of Addiction Medicine

Derived from The SA国际传媒Principles of Addiction Medicine, 5th Edition – widely hailed as the definitive comprehensive clinical reference in the field – this companion resource presents the collective wisdom of hundreds of esteemed authorities on the art and science of addition medicine in a succinct format.

Pocket Addiction Medicine

A new volume in the bestselling Pocket Notebook series, Pocket Addiction Medicine delivers highly relevant coverage of this widespread and increasing health care problem in an easily portable source.

The SA国际传媒Handbook on Pain and Addiction

An invaluable, evidence-based tool for clinicians to manage the complex relationship between pain and addiction.


The SA国际传媒Handbook of Addiction Medicine

A practical, evidence-based guide to the identification and treatment of substance use disorders.


manual LOC v2

The SA国际传媒Level of Care Certification™ 

The SA国际传媒Level of Care Certification™ is a new certification offered by SA国际传媒in partnership with CARF. The SA国际传媒LOCC manual and companion workbook are copyrighted texts. The elements as defined in the LOCC are jointly copyrighted by CARF. SA国际传媒holds exclusive rights to provide LOCC training.


Journal of Addiction Medicine

Published six times per year, the Journal of Addiction Medicine is the official journal of the SA国际传媒. The Journal is designed for all physicians and other mental health professionals who need to keep up-to-date with the treatment of addiction disorders. 



Treat Addiction Save Lives: The History of ASAM

The first published account of the history of the SA国际传媒 (ASAM). Our history is told through the lived experiences and voice of many, and the contributions along the collective pathway to Treat Addiction Save Lives.


Clinical Guidelines and Resources

The SA国际传媒Criteria

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SA国际传媒Pocket Guides

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SA国际传媒does not permit use of SA国际传媒service marks or allow copyrighted material to be modified or adapted. Permission to use content that has been discontinued will not be granted. Requests deemed inconsistent with ASAM's mission will be denied.

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